Ever Wondered Why? Curious Facts About Cats - Part III
Why do cats cover their feces? Many people believe they bury their waste products because they are fastidious. That isn't necessarily so. In the wild, only .

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Cat Won't Poop in Litter Box | ThriftyFun
Jun 3, 2009 . I have a 6 year old tabby cat that will pee in the litter pan, but poop on the floor near her litter pan (which is in the bathroom). . How can I get her to use the litter pan to poop in it? . round Boda dome box, but I honestly know they don't like the covered boxes, they did use it; . Please only select gifs or jpegs.

USSSP: Leave No Trace - Poop Soup
I worry a LOT about what happens as the little bags of used TP (or feces!) start to . I check the lay of the land...is there a spot where the cathole contents won't be washed into the water source by the next heavy downpour? . The hole does need to be deep enough so that the contents can be covered . clear.gif - 813 Bytes .